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Requests for Quotes

Current Requests for Quotes for the Middle District of Florida

11/17/2023: Tampa Clerk's Office Stuctured Cabling and Equipment
9/18/2023: Clerks Office Structured Cabling
9/18/2023: QSYS Software Licenses and Scripting
9/8/2023: Fort Myers Courtroom 5D System Upgrade (Structured Cabling)
9/8/2023: Fort Myers Courtroom 5D Audio/Video Systems Upgrade (Equipment Only)
9/1/2023: Courtroom Audio/Video System Enhancements
9/1/2023: Orlando Courtroom Audio/Video Systems Upgrade
9/1/2023: Orlando Structured Cabling for Courtroom Audio\Video Systems
8/15/2023: Orlando Clerk's Office Computer Cyclical Replacement
8/11/2023: Fort Myers Second Floor Clerk's Office Renovation
8/3/2023: Jacksonville Eleventh Floor Chambers Renovation
8/1/2023: Jacksonville Fifth Floor Chambers Renovation
8/1/2023: Tampa Eleventh Floor Chambers Renovation
7/21/2023: Request for Quotation: Ocala Courtroom 3A Structured Cabling
7/21/2023: Request for Quotation: Ocala Courtroom 3A Upgrade
7/19/2023: Request for Quotation Ocala Third Floor Clerk’s Office Structured Cabling
6/28/2023: Jacksonville Ninth Floor Sound Masking