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About the Judges

*Retired judge recalled to service
Magistrate Judges
Judge Name Division Chambers Courtroom Code
David Baker* Orlando 6-550 6D DAB
Patricia Barksdale Jacksonville 5-311 5B PDB
Sean Flynn Tampa 11B 11B SPF
Douglas Frazier* Fort Myers Unassigned Unassigned DNF
Leslie Hoffman Orlando 5-500 5D LRH
Daniel Irick Orlando 5-550 5C DCI
Elizabeth Jenkins* Tampa 1027 Unassigned EAJ
Gregory Kelly Orlando 3-550 3C GJK
Embry Kidd Orlando 4-550 4C EJK
James Klindt Jacksonville 5-111 5D JRK
Philip Lammens Ocala 1-102 1A PRL
Mac McCoy Fort Myers 5-181 5C MRM
Nicholas Mizell Fort Myers 4-128 4E NPM
Mark Pizzo* Tampa 1030 Unassigned MAP
Anthony Porcelli Tampa 1034 10A AEP
Monte Richardson Jacksonville 5-411 5C MCR
Amanda Arnold Sansone Tampa 10B 10B AAS
Thomas Smith* Orlando 6-550 6D TBS
Julie Sneed Tampa 1108 11A JSS
Joel Toomey Jacksonville 5-211 5A JBT
Christopher Tuite Tampa 1248 12B CPT
Thomas Wilson Tampa 1238 12A TGW