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Courtroom Technology

Courtroom technology is available to lawyers and litigants. If you have a question about the technology or want to practice using it before a court proceeding, contact the courtroom deputy of the presiding judge. Contact information for courtroom deputies is in About the Judges under each judge's listing.

Name Description
Annotation Monitors Monitors that allow annotation
Assisted-Listening Headsets Headsets that enhance volume
Audio/Visual Players VHS and DVD players
Document Cameras (ELMO) Devices that display on a large screen a hardcopy document placed on the document camera
Laptop Connections Video Graphics Array (VGA) and audio connections for presentation of evidence on a laptop
Lawyer Tables Equipped with two microphones, a monitor to view evidence, a VGA, audio connection, and a power outlet (except for the third-floor courtrooms in Ocala)
Plasma Screens 42" plasma screens (except in Orlando)
Projectors Projectors and screens 
Teleconferencing  Teleconferencing for up to six participants
Televisions Televisions to play video content
Videoconferencing Videoconferencing at a judge's discretion
Wireless Access Wireless Internet at a judge's discretion (the courtroom deputy provides the password)
Witness Boxes Boxes equipped with a microphone and an annotation monitor to display evidence (except the third-floor courtrooms in Ocala)


Guide to Adjusting Monitors

Guide to Connecting Your Laptop

Guide to Using a Document Camera

Guide to Using an Annotation Monitor