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Statistics and Reports

The United States Courts website provides the following statistics and reports related to the work of all federal courts.

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Federal Court Management Statistics Profiles for regional courts of appeals and district courts, plus national totals and rankings based on workload per three-judge panel in the appellate courts, workload per authorized judgeship in the district courts, and median times for court action on cases
Wiretap Reports Information from federal and state officials on applications for orders for interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications
Civil Justice Reform Act Report Data on civil cases in the district courts, by judicial officer, on motions pending more than six months, bench trials conducted more than six months, civil cases pending more than three years, bankruptcy appeals pending more than six months, and social security appeal cases pending more than six months
Judicial Business of the United States Courts Data on the workload of all federal courts, the federal probation and pretrial services system, representations under the Criminal Justice Act, and complaints filed under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act
Judicial Facts and Figures Statistical tables showing the historical caseload of the United States courts. Data comes from published and unpublished sources
Federal Judicial Caseload Statistics Analyses, charts, and tables presenting data on the workload of the United States courts of appeals, district courts, and bankruptcy courts and of the federal probation and pretrial services system
Statistical Tables for the Federal Judiciary Collection of the most frequently requested tables of statistics on the workload of the United States courts and the federal probation and pretrial services system
Delayed-Notice Search Warrant Report  Reports information from federal and state judges on applications for warrants authorizing delayed notice and on requests for extensions to delayed-notice periods
Director's Report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts' Activities Statistics from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) on the number of applications or certifications submitted to the court and whether those submissions were granted, modified, or denied
Director's Annual Report The annual report of the director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts to Congress and the Judicial Conference on the activities of the Administrative Office and the state of the business of the courts