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Noteworthy Cases

United States v. Joel Micah Greenberg, Case No. 6:20-cr-97-GAP-LRH
Criminal case involving multiple charges against the former Tax Collector of Seminole County, Florida.
5/13/21 Order and Notice of Change of Plea Hearing

Art Rojas, et al. v. City of Ocala, et al., No. 5:14-cv-651-Oc-32PRL
Civil case challenging constitutionality of government-sponsored community prayer vigil. See order dated May 24, 2018, ruling that action violates the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

St. Johns Riverkeeper, Inc. v. United States Army Corp of Engineers, No. 3:17-cv-398-J-34MCR
Civil case challenging dredging at Jaxport

United States v. Brandon Clint Russell, 8:17-cr-283-T-24JSS
Criminal case against neo-Nazi involving explosive materials

United States v. Corrine Brown, No. 3:16-cr-93-J-32JRK
Criminal case against former Congresswoman Corrine Brown

United States v. Noor Salman, No. 6:17-cr-18-Orl-40KRS
Criminal case against wife of Pulse Nightclub shooter