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Noteworthy Cases

United States v. Bardell, Case No. 6:11-cr-401-RBD-EJK
Special Master's report containing recommendations to the Court in connection with its prosecution of contempt proceedings against the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and Kristi Zook, the former warden of the Federal Correctional Institute in Seagoville, Texas (FCI Seagoville).

The Court initiated these contempt proceedings in response to its discovery that BOP employees at FCI Seagoville failed to comply with a condition in its Order granting Defendant Frederick Mervin Bardell’s motion for compassionate release. The condition required BOP to release Mr. Bardell, who had been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, after the United States Probation Office approved a plan of release developed with Mr. Bardell's former counsel. This condition was not followed, and BOP released Mr. Bardell before a release plan was approved by Probation. Mr. Bardell died nine days after his release from FCI Seagoville. The Court charged the Special Master with investigating the circumstances of Mr. Bardell’s release, determining whether BOP and/or Warden Zook should be held in contempt, and advising on the imposition of sanctions. In his report, the Special Master recommends, among other things, that the Court find BOP and Warden Zook in civil contempt.

Health Freedom Defense Fund v. Biden, Case No. 8:21-cv-1693-KKM-AEP
Order granting summary judgment to Plaintiffs and against Defendants on Counts I, II, and III.

Lucas Wall v. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, et al, Case No. 6:21-cv-975-PGB-DCI
Order granting summary judgment in favor of Federal Defendants and against Plaintiff.