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Application to be a Certified Mediator

To promote conciliation, compromise, and settlement, the court has a mediation program. 

Under Local Rule 4.02, the chief judge certifies those eligible to serve as mediators.  To qualify for certification as a mediator, a lawyer must establish: 

  1. membership for at least the last ten years in the bar of any state or the District of Columbia, 
  2. membership in good standing in The Florida Bar and the Middle District bar, and 
  3. completion of the Florida Supreme Court’s certified mediator training and certification by the Florida Supreme Court of good standing as a circuit court mediator.

If you meet these requirements and want to become a certified mediator, submit the application below. The court does not certify new mediators on a rolling basis. Instead, the court certifies new mediators twice a year, once in January and once in July. To be certified in January, your application must be submitted by the first business day in January. To be certified in July, your application must be submitted by the first business day in July. Each applicant will receive written notification regarding the disposition of their application, and a successful applicant will receive a copy of the court order certifying that person as a mediator.



The following information supports my application.

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