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Rule 4.02 - Mediator

(a) CERTIFICATION. The chief judge may certify, and withdraw the certification of, a lawyer's qualification as a mediator.

(b) QUALIFICATIONS. To qualify for certification as a mediator, a lawyer must establish:

(1) membership for at least the last ten years in the bar of any state or the District of Columbia,

(2) membership in good standing in The Florida Bar and the Middle District bar, and

(3) completion of the Florida Supreme Court's certified-mediator training and certification by the Florida Supreme Court of good standing as a circuit court mediator.

(c) DISQUALIFICATION. A party can disqualify a mediator under the same standard that governs disqualifying a federal judge.

(d) COMPENSATION. Unless the parties and the mediator agree otherwise, the parties must pay the mediator a reasonable fee, and must bear equally the cost of mediation. No mediator can charge a fee to, or accept anything of value from, a source other than the parties.

(e) PRO BONO REQUIREMENT. If asked by a judge, a mediator must conduct at least one mediation a year in which the judge determines that a party lacks the ability to pay the mediator.