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Standing Orders/Plans/Procedures

Standing Orders of Individual Judges
Reference Date Subject Edit link
STANDING ORDERS 01/03/2018 Standing Order of Judge Adams on Trial Procedures Before Him
6:19-mc-32-Orl-LRH 06/17/2019 Standing Order of Judge Hoffman Regarding Privilege Logs
6:18-mc-21-Orl-GJK 03/13/2018 Standing Order of Judge Kelly on Confidential Information
6:18-mc-22-Orl-GJK 03/13/2018 Standing Order of Judge Kelly on Moving to Seal or Redact
6:18-mc-20-Orl-GJK 03/13/2018 Standing Order of Judge Kelly on Privileged and Protected Information
8:08-mc-94-T-17 07/15/2008 Standing Order of Judge Kovachevich on Courtesy Copies of Documents More than 25 Pages
STANDING ORDERS 06/07/2007 Standing Order of Judge Spaulding on Privilege Logs
3:14-mc-52-J-34MCR 01/12/2018 Standing Order of Judges Corrigan, Davis, and Howard Notifying Institution Regarding Inmate Claim of Suicidal Intent or Other Imminent Physical Harm
6:18-mc-21-Orl-GJK 07/06/2018 Standing Order Regarding Confidential Information