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Blind or Visually Impaired


This website offers BrowseAloud, a computer program that works with web browsers to allow users to listen to text that appears as it is read aloud. BrowseAloud can help persons with difficulties reading text online, literacy problems, learning disabilies, such as dyslexia, and limited English skills.

To use BrowseAloud, click the ear-shaped icon next to the search field in the upper-right corner of the website. A computer-generated voice will read aloud any selected text, highlighting the specific text as it is read. A toolbar allows users to control the software.

Image of the ear-shaped BrowseAloud icon to the left of the search field at the upper-right corner of this website

A graphic of the BrowseAloud toolbar

Description of BrowseAloud Toolbar Functions
Note: Not all features are available at all times within BrowseAloud.
Function Icon Function Name Function
BrowseAloud Hover Icon Hover Starts reading the page out loud - this feature is on by default
BrowseAloud Play Icon Play Starts reading selected text or reads from the top of the page
BrowseAloud Translate Icon Translate Provides written and spoken translations in multiple languages
BrowseAloud MP3 Maker Icon MP3 Maker Converts selected text into an MP3
BrowseAloud Screenmask Icon Screenmask Blocks distractions on screen with a tinted mask
BrowseAloud Text Ticker Icon Text Ticker Enlarges text and reads it out loud; to enable, click this icon, highlight the text to read aloud, and then click the triangle play icon.
BrowseAloud Simplify Icon Simplify Removes clutter from the screen, displaying only the main text
BrowseAloud Settings Icon Settings Customize options to suit individual needs or preferences
BrowseAloud Help Icon Help Show a simple help page that explains what the BrowseAloud toolbar does

Courthouse Signage

Braille is in all elevators in all courthouses and on most signs in courthouses in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa

Terminals in the Clerk's Offices

Upon request, the font size of characters viewed on terminals in the clerk's offices can be enlarged. To request enlargement, see the clerk at the intake window.