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Rule 7.02 - Electronics in a Courthouse

(a) PROHIBITION. No person may enter or remain in a courthouse with an electronic device, except:

(1) a member of The Florida Bar or a specially admitted lawyer;

(2) a person with a judge’s order permitting passage with electronics;

(3) an employee who works in the courthouse, a lawyer who works for the United States, and a law enforcement officer on official business;

(4) an interpreter providing service under an active blanket purchase agreement and presenting a copy of the executed signature page of the agreement; and

(5) at a judge’s discretion, a petit or grand juror or member of the venire during service if the person:

(A) stores the device in a designated place except during a break,

(B) uses the device only in a designated area or in the jury assembly room, and

(C) uses the device only for a matter unrelated to the case.

(b) INSPECTION. A device is subject to inspection anywhere in the courthouse.

(c) SHARING OR DELIVERY. A person must not share a device with, or deliver a device to, another person.