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Rule 5.02 - Jury Selection and Prohibition of Communication with a Juror

(a) SCOPE. In this rule, "party" includes the party’s lawyer and anyone else acting in concert with, on behalf of, or at the behest of, the party.

(b) LIST OF PROSPECTIVE JURORS. The clerk must deliver a list of prospective jurors to each party immediately before jury selection. Each party must return the list to the clerk after the judge empanels the jury. No party may copy the list.

(c) RESEARCH OF A PROSPECTIVE JUROR. During jury selection, no party may use an electronic device to gather or transmit information about a prospective juror.


(1) No party may communicate with a juror or respond to a juror's unsolicited communication during or after trial.

(2) A party and a juror must report promptly to the judge a request for communication between a party and a juror.

(3) To communicate with a juror, a party:

(A) must move for permission within fourteen days after the verdict unless the party shows good cause for delay,

(B) must identify in the motion the juror and the need for the communication, and

(C) must abide by any condition the judge imposes, including on the place, manner, and scope of, and the participants in, the communication.