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Rule 3.03 - Disclosure Statement

(a) DISCLOSURE STATEMENT. With the first appearance, each party must file a disclosure statement identifying:

(1) each person — including each lawyer, association, firm, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, subsidiary, conglomerate, affiliate, member, and other identifiable and
related legal entity — that has or might have an interest in the outcome;

(2) each entity with publicly traded shares or debt potentially affected by the outcome;

(3) each additional entity likely to actively participate, including in a bankruptcy proceeding the debtor and each member of the creditor’s committee; and

(4) each person arguably eligible for restitution.

(b) CERTIFICATION. The disclosure statement must include this certification: "I certify that, except as disclosed, I am unaware of an actual or potential conflict of interest affecting the district judge or the magistrate judge in this action, and I will immediately notify the judge in writing within fourteen days after I know of a conflict."