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Rule 3.02 - Civil Case Management

(a) REQUIREMENTS. In every proceeding except a proceeding described in (d), the parties:

(1) must conduct the planning conference required by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in person, by telephone, or by comparable means and

(2) must file a case management report using the standard form from the clerk or on the court's website.

(b) TIMING. The parties must file the case management report:

(1) within forty days after any defendant appears in an action originating in this court,

(2) within forty days after the docketing of an action removed or transferred to this court, or

(3) within seventy days after service on the United States attorney in an action against the United States, a United States agency, a United States officer or employee sued only in an official capacity, or a United States officer or employee sued in an individual capacity in connection with a duty performed on behalf of the United States.

(c) SCHEDULING ORDER. After consideration of the case management report, the judge must enter an order setting deadlines and scheduling the case for trial.

(d) EXCEPTIONS. These proceedings are excepted from the requirements in (a):

(1) an action in which the judge enters a special scheduling order at the outset;

(2) an action for review on an administrative record unless the action is under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974;

(3) a forfeiture action in rem arising under a federal statute;

(4) an application for habeas corpus or another proceeding to challenge a criminal conviction or sentence;

(5) a pro se action by a person in the custody of the United States, a state, or a state subdivision;

(6) an action to enforce or quash an administrative summons or subpoena;

(7) an action by the United States to recover benefit payments;

(8) an action by the United States to collect on a student loan guaranteed by the United States;

(9) a proceeding ancillary to a proceeding in another court;

(10) an action to confirm or enforce an arbitration award; and

(11) an appeal of an order or judgment by a bankruptcy judge.