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Rule 2.01 - Practice in the Middle District

(a) REQUIREMENT. Membership or special admission in the Middle District bar is necessary to practice in the Middle District. But neither membership nor special admission is required for a lawyer employed by the United States or a public entity established by federal law to practice within the course and scope of the lawyer's employment.


(1) Requirements. Membership in the Middle District bar requires:

(A) active membership in good standing in The Florida Bar;

(B) an application for admission that lists the applicant’s state of residence, business address, undergraduate and legal education, and jurisdictions in which the applicant is admitted to practice;

(C) an acknowledgment that the applicant is familiar with 28 U.S.C. § 1927;

(D) an acknowledgment that the applicant will comply with the federal rules and these local rules;

(E) an affirmation of the oath;

(F) payment of the fee; and

(G) registration with the Middle District's CM/ECF system.

(2) Maintaining Membership. To maintain membership in the Middle District bar, a member:

(A) must pay a periodic fee set by an administrative order;

(B) must maintain with the clerk a current telephone number, mailing address, and email address; and

(C) must comply with, and remain familiar with, the ethical requirements of The Florida Bar.

(c) SPECIAL ADMISSION. A lawyer can move for special admission in a case in the Middle District if the lawyer:

(1) is not an active member in good standing of The Florida Bar,

(2) is a member in good standing of the bar of a United States district court,

(3) has not abused the privilege of special admission by maintaining a regular practice of law in Florida,

(4) lists each case in state or federal court in Florida in which the lawyer has initially appeared in the last thirty-six months, and

(5) satisfies the requirements for obtaining and maintaining membership in the Middle District bar, except the requirements of membership in  the Florida Bar, submission of an application, and payment of a periodic fee.

(d) TEMPORARY ADMISSION OF AN ELIGIBLE LAWYER. In an extraordinary circumstance, such as an emergency hearing, a lawyer who is not a member of the Middle District bar or specially admitted can move for temporary admission lasting no longer than thirty days if the lawyer appears eligible for membership or special admission and applies for membership or moves for special admission within seven days after moving for temporary admission.

(e) CONDUCT. A lawyer appearing in the Middle District must remain familiar with, and is bound by, the rules governing the professional conduct of a member of The Florida Bar.