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Rule 1.09 - Title of a Pleading, Motion, or Other Paper

The title of these papers must include these words:

An unopposed motion "Unopposed"
An emergency or time-sensitive motion "Emergency" or "Time-Sensitive"
A motion requesting a temporary restraining order "Motion for Temporary Restraining Order"
A motion requesting a preliminary injunction "Motion for Preliminary Injunction"
A paper requesting preliminary or permanent injunctive relief "[Preliminary or Permanent] Injunctive Relief Requested"
A paper requesting declaratory relief "Declaratory Relief Requested"
A paper demanding a jury trial "Demand for a Jury Trial"
A pleading with a claim requiring three judges "Three Judges Required"
A paper challenging the constitutionality of a federal or state statute "Challenge to the Constitutionality of [the statute]"
A motion to seal under a statute or rule "Motion to Seal Under [the statute or rule]"
A pleading alleging a class action "Class Action" and a section titled "Class Action Allegations"
A pleading alleging a collective action "Collective Action"
A pleading alleging a derivative action "Derivative Action"