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Rule 1.08 - Form of a Pleading, Motion, or Other Paper

(a) TYPOGRAPHY REQUIREMENTS. Except as provided in (b), each pleading, motion, or other paper, excluding an exhibit, an attachment, a transcript, an image, or other addendum, must conform to these requirements:

Paper Size 8½ x 11 inches
Margins 1 inch
Page Numbering Bottom center but no numbering necessary on page one
Main Text At least 13-point, 2.0 double-spaced
Indented Quotation At least 12-point, single-spaced
Footnote At least 11-point, single-spaced
Typeface Book Antiqua
Calisto MT
Century Schoolbook
Character Spacing Scale: 100%
Spacing: Normal
Position: Normal

(b) ANOTHER PERMISSIBLE TYPEFACE. Times New Roman is permitted if the main text is at least 14-point, an indented quotation is at least 13-point, a footnote is at least 12-point, and the paper otherwise complies with (a).

(c) REQUIREMENTS FOR OTHER SUBMISSIONS. The judge can permit a party to file a tangible rather than an electronic paper or a handwritten rather than a typewritten paper. The party must use opaque, unglazed, white, unbound paper with print on only one side.