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Transcript Orders

Transcript Orders

All court proceedings are recorded. As long as the proceeding was not sealed, anyone may obtain a transcript. To obtain a transcript, contact the courtroom deputy or court reporter listed in the minutes of the proceeding. Contact information for courtroom deputies and court reporters is in About the Judges under each judge's listing. Once a court reporter has transcribed a proceeding, he or she will file the transcript in the record. If you did not order the transcript but want to view it or obtain a copy, contact the courtroom deputy or court reporter listed in the minutes of the proceeding. After 90 days, the transcript may be viewed by anyone without having to pay for a copy. For more information, see In the Matter of Maximum Transcript Rates for Court Reporters (PDF).

Type Original/Page First Copy/Page Copy to Same Party/Page
30-Day $3.65 $.90 $.60
14-Day $4.25 $.90 $.60
7-Day $4.85 $.90 $.60
3-Day $5.45 $1.05 $.75
Daily $6.05 $1.20 $.90
Hourly $7.25 $1.20 $.90

One feed, $3.05; two to four feeds, $2.10; five or more feeds, $1.50. A "feed" is the electronic data from the court reporter to the computer of each person receiving the real-time transcription in the courtroom.

Court Reporters

Fort Myers

Lori Bundy (Judge Chappell) | (239) 461-2064
To order a transcript from Ms. Bundy, visit or call (239) 461-2064.

Jeff Thomas (Judge Steele) | (239) 461-2033


Shannon Bishop (Judge Corrigan) | (904) 549-1307

Cindy Packevicz Jarriel (Judge Howard) | (904) 301-6843

Shelli Kozachenko (Judge Davis) | (904) 301-6842


Amie First (Judge Dalton) | (407) 494-3882

Heather Jewett (Unassigned) | (407) 744-1567

Suzanne Trimble (Judge Mendoza) | (253) 677-3899

Koretta Stanford (Judge Byron) | (407) 872-1715


David Collier (Judge Scriven) | (813) 301-5575

Scott N. Gamertsfelder (Judge Covington) | (813) 301-5898

Sharon Miller (Judge Honeywell) | (813) 301-5041

Howard (Bill) Jones (Chief Judge Merryday) | (813) 301-5024

Lynann Nicely (Judge Whittemore) | (813) 301-5252

Nikki Peters (Unassigned) | (813) 301-5448

Melissa Pierson (Unassigned) | (813) 301-5336

If you wish to order a transcript of a digitally recorded hearing, please email a request to and include the following information: 

  • Case Number;
  • Case Style;
  • Date of Hearing;
  • Presiding Judge; and
  • Type of Hearing (i.e., Change of Plea, Motion Hearing, etc.).