Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I find the Fee Schedule for this District?

The Fee Schedule for this District can be found in the General Section of our Forms, Policies, & Publications page.

Is there a fee for filing special motions or having summons and/or subpoenas issued?

Once the filing fee has been paid, there is no additional fee for the filing of motions or for the issuance of summonses and subpoenas.

To whom should I write out checks or money orders when making payments to the Clerk’s Office?

Effective January 2, 2013, the District Clerk of Court's Offices for the Middle District of Florida will no longer accept personal checks for any type of payment. Law firms may continue to remit payments to ""Clerk, U.S. District Court" using their business checks. The FLMD Clerk's Office will only accept cash, money orders, certified bank checks and cashier's checks beginning January 2, 2013.

Do you accept credit cards? Can I get change in Intake?

Yes. The Clerk's Office accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa for all payments except criminal debt and registry. If paying with cash, you must have exact change for payment of fees or services provided at Intake. Money Orders, certified bank checks and cashier's checks are also acceptable forms of payment. No personal checks.

What is the amount of the attendance fee paid to a witness in federal court?

The attendance fee currently paid to a witness in federal court is $40.00 per day. Mileage is paid at the rate of $0.575 per mile.