Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing or Copying Documents in a Case File


Can I view the docket sheet or imaged documents on this website?

At this time, it is not possible to view either the docket sheet or imaged documents. Public Access to Court Electronic Record (PACER) is a fee service which will allow you to check the status of a case and view or print the docket sheet.

How do I view a file and/or order copies of a document? Does it cost anything?

Intake Offices are open during normal business hours where you may request to view a file and/or make photocopies of documents at public copiers. You may also request copies of pleadings and other documents by calling or writing the Clerk’s Office. A deputy clerk will be able to provide you with a page count. The cost for photocopies is $0.50 a page. Please note that copies will not be made or sent until after payment is received with exact change. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope when requesting copies to be returned to you by mail.

How do I get a transcript?

Transcripts of a trial or other court proceeding are obtained directly from the court reporter. You may call the Clerk’s Office to for the name and telephone number of the court reporter. The court reporter can provide bound, indexed copies to counsel and the public on an instant basis in most cases; And also have the ability to provide copies on disk, by email, CD-ROM, litigation support programs, hyperlinked concordances and other value-added services. If the transcript has already been prepared and filed with the Clerk’s Office, you may photocopy it at the public copiers in the Intake Office or you may request the Clerk’s Office photocopy it for $0.50 per page. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope when requesting copies to be returned to you by mail.

How do I obtain copies of documents from old cases?

Many of our older case files have been archived in the Federal Records Center in Georgia and may not be available for viewing in the Clerk’s Office. The fee for retrieval of an archived file to the Clerk’s Office is $64 for the first box and $39 for any additional boxes when multiple boxes are involved. As an alternative, you can request copies directly from the Federal Records Center. Call the Clerk’s Office to obtain the necessary file location information and forms prior to contacting the Federal Records Center. Additionally, transcripts in older cases may be available from the court reporter. Please check with the court reporter in the appropriate case.

Can I view an Orlando Division case file in the Tampa Division?

Public terminals are available at each divisional Clerk’s Office to allow the public to view and print. You will not, however, be able to view the original file or any document not imaged.

How can I view a sealed document or file?

A sealed criminal pleading is only accessible with a court order. A sealed civil pleading can only be viewed by the parties to the case, (with the exception of an ex parte pleading which is then only available to the filing party). Anyone meeting this criteria and wishing to view a sealed pleading must present picture identification at the Clerk’s Office before he/she will be allowed access to the pleading.