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Request for Remote Access to Courtroom Proceedings (Press and Public)


NOTE: Do not forward or distribute the access information you receive to any other person.

Please review Local Rule 4.11 regarding photographing, recording, and broadcasting of proceedings. Local Rule 4.11 applies to teleconference proceedings.

Local Rule 4.11 provides:

    1. As approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States at its March, 1979 meeting, the taking of photographs and the recording or taping of ceremonies for the investing of judicial officers and of naturalization proceedings and the possession of necessary equipment therefor is authorized in courtrooms of this court and the environs thereof. At least three hours' prior notice of the use of recording or television equipment shall be given to the presiding judge who may control the placement of such equipment in the courtroom.
    2. Otherwise, the taking of photographs, the operation of recording or transmission devices, and the broadcasting or televising of proceedings in any courtroom or hearing room of this court, or the environs thereof, either while the court is in session or at recesses between sessions when court officials, lawyers, jurors, witnesses or other persons connected with judicial proceedings of any kind are present, are prohibited.
  2. In order to facilitate the enforcement of subsection (a)(2) of this rule, no photographic, broadcasting, television, sound or recording equipment of any kind (except that of court personnel and as authorized by subsection (a)(1) hereof) will be permitted in that part of any building where federal judicial proceedings of any kind are usually conducted in this district, as is designated by the resident judges of the division in which such building is located. Such designation shall be made by order, filed in the office of the clerk in such division. Except that of court personnel, cellular telephones and computer equipment are likewise prohibited in that part of any building where federal judicial proceedings of any kind are usually conducted in this district, as designated by the resident judges in the manner set forth in the preceding sentence, unless otherwise permitted by the judicial officer before whom the particular case or proceeding is pending. This rule does not prohibit the possession of telephonic pagers in such locations, provided that such pagers are either switched off or placed in a silent activation mode while in such locations.
  3. Employees of other federal agencies resident within the security perimeters of buildings in this district housing federal courts or proceedings, with valid agency identification, are permitted to transport any of the equipment identified above through security checkpoints for the purpose of using same, in their official capacities, within areas of such buildings not covered by subsection (b) of this rule. Said equipment shall be subject to inspection by the United States Marshals Service.

A violation of Local Rule 4.11 can result in suspension or revocation of media credentials of an individual or media organization, and court ordered sanctions.

To ensure participation, sign up at least one day in advance of the proceeding.

Contact with any questions.