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Special Admission to Practice

To obtain special admission to practice in the court for a case without being a member of the court, a lawyer must:

  • be a member in good standing of the bar of any federal district court outside of Florida;
  • within 14 days of filing any pleading or paper in the case, file a written designation and consent to act on the part of a member of the court's bar who resides in Florida, upon whom all notices and papers may be served and who will be responsible for the progress of the case;
  • pay a $150 fee; and

A lawyer seeking special admission:

  • may not be a Florida resident; and
  • may not abuse the privilege in separate cases to a degree constituting the maintenance of regular practice in Florida.

A lawyer who appears in the court based on special admission is deemed to be familiar with and is governed by the Local Rules and the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.


Local Rule 2.02