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Mediation Program

To promote conciliation, compromise, and settlement, the court has a mediation program.

Under Local Rule 9.02the chief judge certifies those eligible to serve as mediators in numbers he deems appropriate. To be certified, an applicant must be:

  1. a former state court judge who presided in a court of general jurisdiction and was a member of the bar in the state in which he or she presided;
  2. a retired federal judge; or
  3. a member of a state bar or the bar of the District of Columbia for at least 10 years and admitted to this court's bar.

If you meet the requirements and want to be certified to be a mediator for the court, complete the Application to be a Certified Mediator and submit it by the application deadline (the first business day in January and the first business day in July). Applicant will be notified in writing regarding the disposition of their application. Each successful applicant will receive a copy of the court order certifying that person as a mediator.

If you have questions about the mediator program, please email