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Rule 9.03 - Types of Cases Subject to Mediation; Withdrawal

(a) Court Referral: Upon order by the presiding judge, any civil action or claim may be referred by the Court to a mediation conference, providing the action or claim has not already been arbitrated in accordance with Chapter Eight of the Rules of the Middle District of Florida, except:

(1) Appeals from rulings of administrative agencies.

(2) Habeas corpus and/or extraordinary writs.

(3) Forfeitures of seized property.

(4) Bankruptcy appeals.

(b) Stipulation of Counsel: Any action or claim may be referred to a mediation conference upon the stipulation of counsel of record. Such application shall also certify agreement to pay the mediator's fee in accordance with these rules.

(c) Withdrawal from Mediation: Any civil action or claim referred to mediation pursuant to this rule may be exempt or withdrawn from mediation by the presiding judge at any time, before or after reference, upon a determination for any reason that the case is not suitable for mediation.