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Rule 8.06 - Trial de Novo

(a) Within 30 days after the filing of the arbitration award with the Clerk, any party may demand a trial de novo in the District Court. Written notification of such a demand shall be filed with the Clerk and a copy shall be served by the moving party upon all other parties.

(b) Upon a demand for a trial de novo the action shall be placed on the calendar of the Court and treated for all purposes as if it had not been referred to arbitration, and any right of trial by jury shall be preserved inviolate.

(c) At the trial de novo the Court shall not admit evidence that there has been an arbitration proceeding, the nature or amount of the award, or any other matter concerning the conduct of the arbitration proceeding, except that testimony given at an arbitration hearing may be used for any purpose otherwise permitted by the Federal Rules of Evidence, or the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

(d) No penalty for demanding a trial de novo shall be assessed by the Court.