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Rule 8.04 - Arbitration Hearing

(a) Immediately upon selection and designation of the arbitrators pursuant to Rule 8.03, the Clerk shall communicate with the parties and the arbitrators in an effort to ascertain a mutually convenient date for a hearing, and shall then schedule and give notice of the date and time of the arbitration hearing which may be held in space provided in the United States Courthouse. The hearing shall be scheduled within 90 days from the date of the selection and designation of the arbitrators on at least 21 days; notice to the parties. Any continuance of the hearing beyond that 90-day period may be allowed only by order of the Court for good cause shown.

(b) At least 14 days prior to the arbitration hearing each party shall furnish to every other party a list of witnesses, if any, and copies (or photographs) of all exhibits to be offered at the hearing. The arbitrators may refuse to consider any witness or exhibit which has not been so disclosed.

(c) Individual parties or authorized representatives of corporate parties shall attend the arbitration hearing unless excused in advance by the arbitrators for good cause shown. The hearing shall be conducted informally; the Federal Rules of Evidence shall be a guide, but shall not be binding. It is contemplated by the Court that the presentation of testimony shall be kept to a minimum, and that cases shall be presented to the arbitrators primarily through the statements and arguments of counsel.

(d) Any party may have a recording and transcript made of the arbitration hearing at the party’s expense.