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Rule 6.02 - Review of Magistrate Judges' Reports and Recommendations

(a) In any case in which the magistrate judge is not authorized to enter an operative order pursuant to Rule 6.01, 28 U.S.C. Section 636 or any standing or special order of the Court entered thereunder, but is authorized or directed to file a report or recommendation to the District Judge to whom the case has been assigned, a copy of such report and recommendation shall be furnished, upon filing, to the District Judge and to all parties. Within 14 days after such service, any party may file and serve written objections thereto; and any party desiring to oppose such objections shall have 14 days thereafter within which to file and serve a written response. The District Judge may accept, reject, or modify in whole or in part, the report and recommendation of the magistrate judge or may receive further evidence or recommit the matter to the magistrate judge with instructions.