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Rule 4.19 - Provision of Pretrial Services

(a) Pretrial services within the purview of 18 U.S.C. Section 3152 et seq. shall be supervised and provided by the Chief Pretrial Services Officer of this Court pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 3152(a). Any federal officer taking or receiving custody of a defendant in the Middle District of Florida shall immediately notify the pretrial services office of such detention, the name of the defendant, the charge(s) against him, and the place in which the defendant is being detained. A pretrial services officer shall then interview the defendant as soon as practicable at his place of confinement or, if the defendant has been released, at such other places as the pretrial services office shall specify.

(b) No confidential records of the Court maintained at the pretrial services office shall be sought by any applicant except by written petition to the Court establishing with particularity the need for specific information believed to be contained in such records. When a demand for disclosure of such information or such records is made by way of subpoena or other judicial process served upon a pretrial services officer of this Court, the pretrial services officer may file a petition seeking instruction from the Court with respect to the manner in which he should respond to such subpoena or such process.