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Rule 4.16 - Management of Funds Held on Deposit with This Court

(a) Any party wishing to deposit funds pursuant to Rule 67, Fed.R.Civ.P., may do so upon notice to every other party and upon leave of Court. The party making the deposit should prepare an order for entry by the Court. Absent good cause shown, the order should direct the Clerk of Court to deposit the funds into a special interest bearing account. Pursuant to Rule 67, Fed.R.Civ.P., the party making the deposit shall also serve a copy of the order upon either the Clerk of Court, the Chief Deputy Clerk, the Chief Financial Deputy Clerk, or the appropriate resident clerk's office Division Manager. Absent personal service upon one of those individuals, the Clerk of Court and members of his staff shall be relieved and discharged of any personal liability which might result from non-compliance with the deposit instructions contained in the order or in this Rule.

(b) Except for funds held by the Clerk as non-appropriated funds, as provided in the Guidelines and Plan for the Administration of Non-Appropriated Funds adopted by the Middle District of Florida, funds deposited with the Court that are not governed by subsection (a) of this Rule shall be deposited by the Clerk into the treasury of the United States; provided, however, that the Court may, by administrative order, permit deposit of registry funds into interest bearing accounts when the amount to be deposited exceeds a minimum sum stated in the administrative order. Final disposition of such deposits, as well as any earned interest, shall be determined by subsequent order of the Court.