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Rule 3.09 - Continuances

(a) No trial, hearing or other proceeding shall be continued upon stipulation of counsel alone, but a continuance may be allowed by order of the Court for good cause shown.

(b) Failure to complete discovery procedures within the time established pursuant to Rule 3.05 of these rules shall not constitute cause for continuance unless such failure or inability is brought to the attention of the Court at least 60 days in advance of any scheduled trial date and is not the result of lack of diligence in pursuing such discovery.

(c) Except for good cause shown, no continuance shall be granted on the ground that a party or witness has not been served with process or a subpoena, as the case might be, unless the moving party, at least seven days before the return date, has delivered the papers to be served to the Marshal (or other appropriate person) for that purpose.

(d) Motions to continue trial must be signed by the attorney of record who shall certify that the moving party has been informed of the motion and has consented to it.