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Rule 3.07 - Marking and Listing Exhibits

(a) In advance of trial and, when reasonable, in advance of evidentiary hearing, counsel for each party in any case shall obtain from the Clerk (or from an outside source in the format utilized by the Clerk or in a format approved by the presiding judge), tabs or labels. These tabs or labels shall be used for the marking and identification of each exhibit proposed to be offered in evidence or otherwise tendered to any witness during trial and evidentiary hearing and for the marking and identification of photographs and reductions proposed to be offered with exhibits in accordance with Rule 5.04. Counsel shall identify a photograph or reduction offered  with an exhibit with the number identifying the exhibit.

(b) Upon marking exhibits, counsel shall also prepare a list of such exhibits, in sequence, with a descriptive notation sufficient to identify each separate numbered exhibit. Counsel shall furnish copies of the list to opposing counsel and three copies to the Court at the commencement of trial and, when reasonable, at the  commencement of evidentiary hearing. (See also Rules 5.03 and 5.04.)