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Rule 3.04 - Motions to Compel and for Protective Order

(a) A motion to compel discovery pursuant to Rule 36 or Rule 37, Fed.R.Civ.P., shall include quotation in full of each interrogatory, question on deposition, request for admission, or request for production to which the motion is addressed; each of which shall be followed immediately by quotation in full of the objection and grounds therefor as stated by the opposing party; or the answer or response which is asserted to be insufficient, immediately followed by a statement of the reason the motion should be granted. The opposing party shall then respond as required by Rule 3.01(b) of these rules.

(b) For the guidance of counsel in preparing or opposing contemplated motions for a protective order pursuant to Rule 26(c), Fed.R.Civ.P., related to the place of taking a party-litigant's deposition, or the deposition of the managing agent of a party, it is the general policy of the Court that a non-resident plaintiff may reasonably be deposed at least once in this District during the discovery stages of the case; and that a non-resident defendant who intends to be present in person at trial may reasonably be deposed at least once in this District either during the discovery stages of the case or within a week prior to trial as the circumstances seem to suggest. Otherwise, depositions of parties should usually be taken as in the case of other witnesses pursuant to Rule 45(d), Fed.R.Civ.P.. A non-resident, within the meaning of this rule, is a person residing outside the State of Florida.