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Electronic Document Submission Form

Electronic Document Submission Form for Litigants without Access to CM/ECF

The court's Electronic Document Submission Form allows an individual who is not represented by a lawyer to submit a document for filing on the court's electronic filing system, CM/ECF. In other words, submitting your document using the form is the electronic equivalent of mailing a document to the clerk's office for filing on CM/ECF. 

Please review the information below before submitting a document through the form. A document submitted through the form must comply with all relevant local and federal rules. Failure to comply with the rules may result in your document being rejected. The privilege of submitting a document through this form may be revoked if abused.

Who may use the form?

You may submit a document using the form if you are not represented by a lawyer and you are a party to a case pending in the Middle District or wish to file a new case in the Middle District. If you are represented by a lawyer, your lawyer must file your documents on your behalf using CM/ECF. A lawyer may not use this form to submit documents on behalf of a client.

Am I required to use this form to file my document?

No, but the court strongly recommends that you do. Alternatively, you may send a document to the clerk's office by mail or deliver the document to the Clerk's Office in person.

What is the "filing date" for a document submitted through the form?

The date of submission will be considered the filing date for any document received through the form and later filed into CM/ECF.

What if there is a technical problem with the form?

A technical failure will not excuse a missed filing deadline. In the event of a technical issue, you should submit a proposed filing by mail or in person at the Clerk's Office.