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Coronavirus and Email Filing Information

  • April 10: The public and the media can access court proceedings remotely during the national emergency. Click here to request remote access to a courtroom proceedings. View the order here.
  • April 9: Coronavirus (COVID-19) jury service postponement request If you or someone near you is ill or if you have concerns related to the coronavirus, you can request a postponement of your jury service in writing or by telephone. View more information here.
  • March 29: Chief Judge Merryday has entered an administrative order under the CARES Act concerning a court’s authority to conduct some criminal proceedings by video or audio conference. View the order here.
  • March 13: Chief Judge Merryday has ordered restrictions on visitors to the United States courthouses in the Middle District of Florida. View the order here.

    For division-specific or judge-specific orders, see the division’s page or the judge’s page.