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Public Outreach Coordinator Vacancy Available through Orlando Federal Bar Association

Monday, September 13, 2021
Federal Bar

Orlando Chapter
Public Outreach Coordinator 
Independent Contractor – Part Time – 6 to 12 Months 

Annual Payment for Services: up to $19,800

Representative Duties

The Public Outreach Coordinator will develop and implement public programming on behalf of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division to educate students, adults, organizations and the public at large about the federal judicial system and the Orlando Division in particular. The full description of job responsibilities can be found on page two of this announcement. 


Minimum Qualification Requirements 

Strong organizational and event planning skills are preferred. A legal background is helpful but not required. The ideal candidate for this role will be comfortable planning large and small educational events on behalf of the Court in conjunction with the Federal Bar Association, local lawyers, judges, schools, and professional organizations.


Information for Applicants 

The Public Outreach Coordinator is a six to twelve-month independent contractor position with the Orlando Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Payment for services is rendered in two equal increments during the period of service. The position is available immediately. 

To apply for this position, please submit by email your resume and a brief statement of interest to Patrick Brackins, President of the Orlando Chapter of the Federal Bar Association: You may also direct any questions about the position to the same address. 

* The Public Outreach Coordinator position is financed by the Bench Bar Fund of the Middle District of Florida.


Description of Services

The Public Outreach Coordinator will develop and formalize a Community Outreach Plan in the Orlando Division of the Middle District Florida designed to inform and educate students, adults, organizations and the public at large about the federal judicial system, and the Middle District of Florida in particular.

The Public Outreach Coordinator will serve as the Coordinator of the Community Outreach Plan and the services will consist of, among other things:

  • Devising and researching ideas and then implementing programs that advance the Court's and the Federal Bar Association's goals of community outreach and education, including student programs, adult education, media education and community involvement;
  • Proposing programming ideas to judges, and implementing the judges' priorities for community outreach and education;
  • Implementing approved programs (to include creating the annual event calendar,scheduling and coordinating with community participants and Court personnel,advertising programming as necessary, applying for continuing legal education credits if appropriate, submitting additional funding requests as needed);
  • Submitting periodic reports to the Court on a reasonable basis describing the programming that is occurring during the year and making recommendations for the program's future in Orlando;
  • Assisting other divisions who may be interested in creating a similar Community Outreach Plan;
  • Attending local Federal Bar Association meetings, luncheons, and Federal Judicial Relations Committee meetings to the extent practicable.


September 13, 2021