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ORDER: Restrictions on Visitors to the Federal Courthouses in the Middle District of Florida

Until ordered otherwise, no person within and of the following categories is permitted in a United States courthouse in the Middle District of Florida:

  • a person with, or who has had contact with anyone with, coronavirus (COVID-19), influenza, or another readily communicable respiratory disease;
  • a person who has been asked to self-quarantine by any hospital or health agency;
  • a person who has traveled within 14 days to or from China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, or anywhere subject to a quarantine;
  • a person who has resided with, or has been near, anyone who has traveled to or from one of the nations or places within 14 days; or
  • a person experiencing a fever, an unusual or unexplained cough, an unusual or unexplained shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms.

The United States Marshal and officers acting under the Marshal's direction must enforce this order beginning immediately.

ORDERED in Tampa, Florida, on March 13, 2020.


March 13, 2020