United States of America v. Noor Zahi Salman

Case No. 6:17-cr-18-Orl-40KRS

This website has been established to provide current information about this case including publicly filed documents and the guidelines for attending public proceedings. The information contained in this website should make it unnecessary to contact the Clerk's Office for information about this case. Under no circumstances are Judge Byron's chambers, courtroom deputy, law clerks or docket clerk to be contacted.

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Access to the Courthouse.


The courthouse opens to the public at 7:30 a.m.  The public entrance to the courthouse is at the corner of West Central Boulevard and Division Street.  All persons entering any federal building must show a government-issued picture ID and must pass through a security screening device and have any bags, packages, purses, etc. examined through an X-ray machine.  There will be a secondary security checkpoint outside the main courtroom and also outside the overflow room.  Acceptable forms of identification include official state or United States government identification such as a driver's license or passport.  The only acceptable international identification is a government-issued passport with a current United States visa, if required.  Proper decorum is expected of all visitors to the federal building and the court.


Access to Court Proceedings.


A pass card system will be used to identify visitors attending all court proceedings. The number of passes issued per day will vary depending on the maximum occupancy of the courtroom for a particular proceeding.  Please be aware that lines may be long due to the implementation of the pass card system and additional security screenings, therefore plan to arrive early.  Do not arrive more than an hour before the scheduled start time.


In order to obtain a pass card, visitors must request one at the secondary screening checkpoint outside of courtroom 4B. Once all cards are issued, no more visitors will be allowed in the courtroom. As seating is limited, once the courtroom is at capacity, remaining visitors will be directed to an overflow room located in courtroom 3A.  There will be a secondary screening checkpoint outside of the overflow room.  The overflow room is equipped with both audio and limited video.  Visitors holding pass cards who leave the courtroom for any reason will be required to sign out and return their pass card as they exit the courtroom.  To reenter, visitors will be required to sign back in and collect their pass card. 

Because of limited seating and seating restrictions, visitors should adhere to instructions as directed by Court Security Officers. Public facilities such as restrooms and water fountains are located on each floor.


Items Not Allowed in the Courthouse.


Electronic devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, cameras, audio recorders, etc. are prohibited.  Exceptions to the rule regarding cell phones and laptop computers applies to journalists with press credentials.   Firearms, knives, pocket knives, chemical sprays and other weapons not specified are also prohibited. 



Information for Journalists.


The Court is committed to facilitating access to court information, documents, and proceedings for journalists.  To aid in the Court's commitment to providing access to court information, headphones are available to journalists upon request ensuring court proceedings can clearly and audibly be heard. 


Journalists are reminded to:

1.  abstain from any contact with jurors or potential jurors;

2.  abstain from interviewing witnesses inside the courthouse; and

3.  respect the privacy of the victims and family members. 


For answers to questions not addressed on this website, please contact the Court's Media Liaison via email (media@flmd.uscourts.gov) or by telephone (407-835-5985).


Journalists should contact the Media Liaison for all questions concerning court proceedings, filing, and the like.  Journalists should not contact Judge Byron's chambers, courtroom deputy, law clerks, or docket clerk directly about such matters.


Cell Phones and Laptop Computers.


Journalists with press credentials will be permitted to bring a cell phone and laptop computer into the courthouse for the limited purpose of use outside the courtroom


Sketch Artists.


Sketch artists are permitted in the courtroom and the overflow room.  Sketch artists are precluded from sketching the jurors and are cautioned to be discreet so as not to disrupt Court proceedings.


Photography, Recording & Electronic Devices.


Journalists are often surprised by the very restrictive rules applicable to photography and recording of proceedings in federal district courts.  These rules are due to national policies affecting all federal district courts. 


Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 53 bars photography and broadcasting in criminal proceedings.  Broadcasting of proceedings is prohibited by policy of the Judicial Conference of the United States.  This encompasses the use of all audio or video recording devices of any kind.  No journalist or member of the public may photograph or record any court proceeding under any circumstances. 


Local Rule 4.11(a)(2), (b).



Local Rule 4.11(a)(2), (b), which has been adopted by the Court to implement the above national policies, regulates possession and use of electronic devices in the courthouse.  Members of the media should read Local Rule 4.11(a)(2), (b) in its entirety. Local Rule 4


Pressroom, Room 4420.


The pressroom on the 4th floor has work space to accommodate visiting journalists.  The pressroom has free wifi, a small kitchen area, restrooms, and lockers.  Journalists may bring a brown bag lunch into the Courthouse to be eaten in the Pressroom only.  Lockers are provided for day use to store personal items, cell phones, and laptop computers while journalists are in the courtroom.  Journalists must bring their own locks.  Locks left on lockers overnight will be removed.  Press credentials are to be displayed at all times while using the space. Occupancy is limited to a first-come, first-served basis.  This room will close at 5:00 p.m. or 30 minutes after the conclusion of a court proceeding lasting past normal business hours. 


Please see the photos below for an idea of what to expect from this workspace.


photo of press room

photo of press room 2

photo of lockers

Broadcast Media.


In order to continue normal courthouse operations, designated media areas have been identified. Cameras are allowed on the sidewalk area adjoining the courthouse near the intersection of West Central Boulevard and Division Street.  A designated space will be created to the left facing the main entrance.  Camera crews and/or press are not to block the main entryway or the steps. All interviews should be conducted at a reasonable location from the steps so as to not interfere with normal ingress and egress. These procedures may be adjusted at the discretion of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Parking for Broadcast Satellite Vehicles.

Parking for broadcast satellite vehicles in lots and on streets adjacent to the federal building is extremely limited.  The Orlando Police Department will provide officers on hearing and trial days to direct trucks as needed.  OPD will designate areas for media satellite truck parking during trial.  Please check this page as the trial approaches for additional informtion.  If parking is not available, please contact the United States Marshals Service Public Information Officer, David Charles (407-473-2977).



Pleadings and orders which have not been filed under seal are available on this web site in Portable Document Format (PDF), with the exception of certain unsealed documents such as arrest warrants and transcripts. Such materials may be viewed at the Clerk's Office. If copies of transcripts are needed, arrangements must be made by contacting the official court reporter.  Click on the "transcripts" tab for further information.  The documents provided on this website are exact duplicates of what has been filed/docketed in this court. Information provided is for general information only.  Additional pleadings, motions, and orders may appear on the official docket which are not shown on this website.  The documents on this page are available for downloading and/or printing only in Portable Document Format (PDF). This format requires the user to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Web site.  Documents filed under seal are not available for viewing or copying. Proceedings conducted under seal will not be accessible to the media or the public.


Date Filed
Docket Text
Motion to Seal Indictment

Order Granting [2] Motion to Seal Indictment


Arrest Warrant Return Executed


Order Directing the Clerk of the Court to reassign this case to another District Judge

Motion for an Order Revoking Defendant's Release
Order Granting [15] Government's Motion to Stay Magistrate Judge Donna M. Ryu's order setting conditions of pretrial release
Response to [15] Motion for an Order Revoking Defendant's Release
Order Granting [15] Motion for an Order Revoking Defandant's Release
Notice Regarding [24] Court's March 10, 2017 Order
Order Regarding [26] United's States March 14, 2017 Notice
Notice of Appeal
Transmittal of initial appeal package
Order Setting Initial Conference
Clerk's Minutes In-District Initial Appearance/Arraignment
Criminal Scheduling Order
Notice of Hearing on [32] Order Setting Initial Conference
Joint Notice Regarding Initial Conference
Unopposed Motion for Protective Order Regarding Discovery
Order and Information Regarding Hearings for Members of the Press
Minute Entry for Initial Conference
Oral Motion to Waive Speedy Trial through March 31, 2018
Oral Order granting [44] Oral Motion to Waive Speedy Trial
Notice of Date Certain Jury Trial
Order Granting Unopposed Motion for Protective Order Regarding Discovery
Amended Scheduling Order
Notice Cancelling Status Conference
11th Circuit Order Denying Appeal of Detention Order
Notice to Counsel of filing of Official Transcript
Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Count Two for Lack of Venue
Response in Opposition by USA as to Noor Zahi Salman [54] Motion to Dismiss Count II for Lack of Venue
Order Denying Motion to Dismiss Count II for Lack of Venue
Unopposed Motion for Extension of Time to Disclose the Expert Report for Joshua Horowitz
(UNSEALED PER [70] ORDER) NOTICE of Hearing re [66]SEALED MOTION for Extension of Time to Disclose the Expert Report for Joshua Horowitz by Noor Zahi Salman. Motion Hearing set for 7/24/2017 at 3:00 PM in Orlando Courtroom 4B before Judge Paul G. Byron. Defendant's presence is not required. (GNB) Modified on 7/24/2017 (GNB). (Entered: 07/21/2017)
Order on Defendants Application to Proceed in District Court Without Prepaying Fees and Costs
Order Unsealing Motion for Extension of Time to Disclose the Expert Report for Joshua Horowitz [66]
Minute Entry for July Hearing
ORAL ORDER granting [66] UNOPPOSED MOTION for Extension of Time to Disclose the Expert Report for Joshua Horowitz as to Noor Zahi Salman for the reasons stated on the record. Rendered in Open Court by Judge Paul G. Byron on 7/24/2017. (GNB) (Entered: 07/24/2017)
Order regarding expert psychiatrist or psychologist examination of Defendant
United States' Unopposed Motion for an Order for a Mental Examination of Defendant
Order Granting United States' Unopposed Motion for an Order for a Mental Examination of Defendant
Defendant's Notice of Defense
Defendant's Motion for a Bill of Particulars
Motion to Seal
ENDORSED ORDER granting [83] Motion to Seal as to Noor Zahi Salman (1). Signed by Magistrate Judge Karla R. Spaulding on 8/8/2017. (Spaulding, Karla) (Entered: 08/08/2017)
Response in Opposition to the Motion for a Bill of Particulars [82]
Order Denying Motion for Bill of Particulars [82]
Motion Requesting Leave to File a Motion in Excess of 25 Pages
ENDORSED ORDER granting in part and denying in part [100] Motion for Leave to File as to Noor Zahi Salman (1). The Court will permit a single motion and memorandum of law not to exceed 30 pages in length. The assistance of local counsel for Defendant in editing the document to achieve these page limitations should be promptly obtained. Signed by Magistrate Judge Karla R. Spaulding on 8/30/2017. (Spaulding, Karla) (Entered: 08/30/2017)
Unopposed Motion to File Suppression Motion and Exhibits under Seal
Order granting Unopposed Motion to File Supression Motion and Exhibits under Seal [102]
Motion for Change of Venue
United States' Response in Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Change of Venue
Defendant's Daubert Motion to Preclude Expert Testimony of William Braniff
Clerk's Minutes on Telephone Conference
United States Response in Opposition to Defendants Daubert Motion
Joint Notice to the Court Regarding Juror Questionnaires
United States' Notice to the Court Regarding Supression Hearing
Defense Notice to the Court Regarding Supression Hearing
NOTICE OF HEARING as to Noor Zahi Salman: Suppression Hearing set for 12/21/2017 at 9:30 AM in Orlando Courtroom 4B before Judge Paul G. Byron, U.S. District Court, 401 West Central Blvd, Orlando, Florida. Defendant's presence required. The Court has set aside two (2) days for this hearing. (GNB) copies e-mailed (Entered: 11/07/2017)
NOTICE OF HEARING ON MOTION re [122] MOTION in Limine under Daubert and Federal Rules of Evidence. Motion Hearing set for 1/19/2018 at 1:00 PM in Orlando Courtroom 4B before Judge Paul G. Byron. Defendant's presence required.(GNB) copies e-mailed (Entered: 11/08/2017)
Defendant's Omnibus Motion in Limine
NOTICE OF HEARING as to Noor Zahi Salman: Telephone Conference re [150] Motion in Limine set for 11/28/2017 at 11:30 AM in Orlando Courtroom 4B before Judge Paul G. Byron. Defendant's presence is not required. The parties will be e-mailed the call-in information, and should be prepared to discuss a hearing date and time for the Motion in Limine.(GNB) copies e-mailed (Entered: 11/15/2017)


Food and Drink.


There are no snack shops or vending machines available to the public inside the Courthouse. 



How do I order a transcript?


  • E-mail or call the court reporter to request an estimate for the price of the transcript you are requesting.  Transcript preparation and delivery times will begin when payment has been satisfied with the court reporter.


How will I know which court reporter reported the proceedings?


  • For each proceeding held before a judge, “minutes” are filed on the CM/ECF docket sheet.  On the CM/ECF docket sheet, click on the link to the minutes for the proceeding to download and review the minutes and to determine the correct date of the proceeding. 
  • All proceedings before a United States District Judge will be attended by a court reporter.  If a court reporter was present, the minutes should reflect the court reporter’s name and contact information.
  • If the minutes do not reflect the court reporter’s information, or if you are requesting a transcript of an audio recording, contact the Court Operations Supervisor at (407) 835-4202.


Non-Party Transcript Orders.


  • A non-party may order a transcript.  There will be, at a minimum, a 7-day delay in the delivery of the transcript due to the right of redaction of the parties.


Under-Seal Cases/Proceedings Transcripts.


  • These transcripts can only be released by order of the court.


Digital Recordings.


All proceedings before a United States Magistrate Judge are typically recorded, however it is the policy of this District to not make these recordings available to the public.  Therefore, digital recordings will NOT be posted on this website.