Notable Cases

United States of America v. Noor Zahi Salman
Case No. 6:17-cr-18-Orl-40KRS

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Case Name  
Case #
Coffey v. Braddy   3:71-cv-00044   2-16-15   Hon. Timothy Corrigan
USA v. Shelton Thomas Bell   3:13-cr-141   1-14-15   Hon. Timothy Corrigan
Monaco v. City of Jacksonville   3:09-cv-1169   9-30-2014   Hon. Timothy Corrigan
Brown et al v. Detzner et al   3:12-cv-852   9-24-2012   Hon. Timothy Corrigan
USA v. William Irey   6:06-cr-237   10-22-2010   Hon. Gregory Presnell
USA v. Antonino Lyons   6:01-cr-134   7-20-2010   Hon. Gregory Presnell
Parrilla v. Allcom Contruction   6:08-cv-1967   2-24-2010   Hon. Gregory Presnell
Sinni v. Scottsdale Insurance - Amended   6:08-cv-1787   12-18-2009   Hon. Gregory Presnell
Village Square v. Nationwide Insurance   6:09-cv-1711   12-10-2009   Hon. Gregory Presnell
Durham v. Whitney Information Network   2:06-cv-00687   11-10-2009   Hon. Avern Cohn
Grills v. Phillip Morris - Opinion (file size 13M)   2:08-cv-15-ua-dnf   8-4-2009   Hon. Donald Pogue
Grills v. Philip Morris - Judgment   2:08-cv-15-ua-dnf   8-4-2009   Hon. Donald Pogue
Bonetti v. Embarq Management   6:07-cv-01335   8-4-2009   Hon. Gregory Presnell
Odyssey Marine v. Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel   8:07-CV-614   6-3-2009   Hon. Mark Pizzo