The Process - Summonsing To Service


The USDC-MDFL Trial Juror Summons package contains the following:

(1)    An official Summons for Jury Service that instructs prospective jurors where, when, and at what tine they must appear.

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The summons gives the first scheduled date of appearance which begins your term of service. A toll-free number, is printed on the summons as well. ALL jurors must call the telephone recording system at the time and date instructed; usually that will be the evening of the last working day prior to the scheduled appearance date. If you are summoned for a Monday, the recording will become available on Friday evening (see summons for time) prior to your scheduled appearance date. In some instances, you will be told to report as directed; however, you may also be informed not to report on the date specified on the summons, but rather to report at a later date/time or to call the same toll-free number at a later date/time for further reporting instructions. The automated system may be quite busy at certain times, therefore if you get a busy signal, continue dialing until you get through. Do not report for jury duty unless and until instructed to do so by the toll-free message. Should you report for jury service without first calling **1-866-313-2350** for final instructions as outlined above, you will not be authorized to collect the $40.00 attendance fee and/or overnight subsistence or mileage allowances or be reimbursed for parking expenses to which you would otherwise be entitled. The recording will be available all weekend long. The divisional jury offices are closed from 5:00 p.m. on Friday until 8:00 a.m. on Monday (and on federal holidays), therefore, any messages left on Jury Staff’s voice mail may not be returned until Monday morning.

(2)    The bottom portion of the Summons for Jury Service is a Juror Information Card that prospective jurors must fill out and return to the Court by mail within five (5) days of receipt.

Questions concerning race, employment, etc. are asked because the Court compiles statistics from this information to ascertain that our jurors are indeed representative of the community. Your social security number is for the Court's use only; we must have a juror's social security number in order to reimburse for any jury fees owed that person. No one else has access to that information.

If, after reading all of the information contained in the Trial Juror Summons package and the information available here on our website, you still have questions, you are invited to telephone the Jury Staff in the division where your jury service is to take place.