Attendance, Fees, Mileage, and Subsistence

Federal jurors are paid $40.00 per day as an attendance fee and receive payment for round-trip mileage from their home address to the courthouse address each day that they serve. Mileage is calculated at the government-mandated rate of $0.545 per mile. Parking and toll expenses are reimbursed in full.

United States government employees will not receive an attendance fee for jury service (U.S. Postal Service employees excepted).

After completion of your term of service, the Jury Staff will, upon request, provide you with an attendance certificate showing the dates you served.

Juror checks will be mailed out 4-6 weeks after the jury service is completed.

A subsistence fee will be paid to jurors who live 60 miles or more from the courthouse if it is necessary to spend the night.

Additional Rules For Subsistence:

(1) You may stay in town the night before you are to report if your reporting time is before 11:00a.m. (e.g., You call in on Friday and are directed to report on Monday at 9:00a.m. - You may travel to the applicable division Sunday and spend Sunday night. You would receive an attendance fee for your travel day [Sunday] and receive a subsistence allowance for Sunday night.)

(2) You may spend nights in between consecutive days on which you are scheduled for jury service (e.g., You are selected today, you must return tomorrow. - You may spend tonight and receive the subsistence allowance rate that applies to you).

(3)You may not spend the night after jury service ends unless extraordinary circumstances exist which must be approved prior to your stay.

(4) Subsistence allowances are set by Washington, D.C. and are specific to the city to which you are reporting. Please contact the Jury Staff in the division where your jury service is to take place for the specific amount of your subsistence allowance. We do not require itemized expenses. We do require proof that you spent the night in the city (e.g., hotel bill or receipt).


For additional information regarding subsistence and allowances, please telephone the Jury Staff in the division where your jury service is to take place.