Automated Jury Information System

As a federal trial juror for the United States District Court-Middle District of Florida, you are "on call" to serve for a particular period, beginning on the date that appears on your summons. Your summons will provide you with a specific date and time when you must call the toll-free telephone number prior to your service. When you call the toll-free number at the date and time designated on your summons, our automated jury information system (AJIS) will provide you with current information specific to your status such as the date, time, and location for you to report for your jury service or when you should call in again for further instructions. This same procedure will continue during the entire time you are on call.

Should any changes be made to the schedule, every effort will be made to inform jurors as soon as possible. However, in the event that contact is not made, it is the juror’s responsibility to call the toll-free number the night before scheduled service to verify that his or her presence is required. You must have your 9-digit participation number from the front of your summons in order to use this system. The automated message is activated on the evening before the scheduled date to appear.

If your service is not required and you nonetheless appear, you will not be entitled to any fees. Therefore, you must call exactly when you are instructed to do so in order to receive your particular reporting instruction

AJIS toll free number = 1-866-313-2350


Checking Your Status Online

The United States District Court-Middle District of Florida is now providing its jurors with the opportunity to access their personalized reporting instructions via the Internet. A companion product to the AJIS phone messaging system (outlined above) has been installed, and jurors across the district may now read their individual reporting instructions over the Internet. By using the link below, jurors must enter their 9-digit participant number from the front of their summons and their zip codes. This information will be available to jurors 24/7, just as with the telephone system. The personalized reporting instructions for the juror will be the same whether accessed by phone or by computer.

To use this new feature, please click on the link below. Enter your participant number and zip code in the Web Prompt Page, and then click on Reporting Instructions button at the bottom of the page.

As always, if you have any questions about either the AJIS telephone or AJIS Internet systems, please feel free to telephone the Jury Staff in the division where your jury service is to take place.