Anthony E. Porcelli

United States Magistrate Judge

Tampa Division
TEL: 813-301-5540

Chambers Staff:

  Natalia Reyna-Pimiento
Law Clerk
Even Numbered Cases
Jennifer Faggion
Career Law Clerk
Odd Numbered Cases
Lynne Vito
Courtroom Deputy
All Criminal Cases

Case & Trial Management Preference:

Exhibit lists and witness lists shall be electronically filed no later than the morning of trial or evidentiary hearing.

Trial briefs, proposed voir dire questions, proposed jury instructions, and any special verdict forms should be filed five days in advance of the scheduled TRIAL DATE. Special jury instructions and verdict forms should be provided on a disk in WordPerfect format 11 or less.

On the date each trial commences, each party shall file with the Courtroom Deputy Clerk the original and two copies of their respective Exhibit List, as well as COPIES of all Exhibits, and Witness List. All exhibits shall be appropriately pre-marked. Exhibit Instructions, Exhibit Lists, and Exhibit Tags are available under the Frequently Used Forms section below.

The SAME applies to evidentiary hearings; copy of respective exhibits lists, copies of all pre-marked exhibits and witness lists are to be provided to the Court on the day of the hearing.

Case & Trial Management Forms:

  *Exhibit List Adobe WordPerfect
  *Exhibit Tags - Government Adobe WordPerfect
  *Exhibit Tags - Joint Adobe WordPerfect
  *Exhibit Tags - Plaintiff Adobe WordPerfect
  *Exhibit Tags - Defendant Adobe WordPerfect