William J. Castagna

Senior United States District Judge

Tampa Division
TEL: 813-301-5935


Judge Castagna was appointed U.S. District Judge for the Middle District of Florida July 24, 1979. He served in the Jacksonville Division from 1979 to 1981 when he relocated to the Tampa Division and continued his judicial duties through June of 1992 after which he assumed his current status of Senior United States District Judge.

Chambers Staff

  Sara Boswell
Judicial Assistant
(813) 301-5935

Case & Trial Management Preferences




Jury Trials
Proposed jury instructions, verdict forms and voir dire should be filed four days prior to jury selection. A courtesy copy should be sent to Judge Castagna's Chambers. The jury instructions and verdict should also be provided to the court on a disk in Word Perfect Format.

Exhibit Lists and Witness Lists (an original and (3) copies) shall be filed with the Court Room Deputy on the morning of trial, prior to jury selection. A copy of these lists shall be delivered to chambers the Friday prior to trial