Orlando Division Courtroom Technology

The Orlando Division has seven district judge courtrooms and three magistrate judge courtrooms all which are fully-outfitted with digital evidence presenation systems at all times. Videoconferencing is available in the Special Proceedings Courtroom as well as a dedicated conference room.

Courtroom Features:

  • Document Camera - The document camera can display documents and small objects using the overhead light.The camera is capable of digital zoom and pan which is encouraged for smooth motion.
  • Annotation Monitor - An annotation monitor is used from the evidence presentation cart to emphasize aspects of an attorney's presentation.
  • DVD and VHS Tape Player
  • Laptop Connection - The presenation cart has a VGA and audio connection available for evidence presentation via a laptop.

Each attorney table has a monitor available to view evidence and a microphone. In the well of each table, a VGA and audio connection is available as well as a power outlet. Attorneys may use this connection or the connection available through the cart to present evidence from a laptop computer.

The witness box is equipped with an annotation monitor for display of evidence. This allows both the attorney and witness to emphasize and respond visually to evidence.

Each courtroom has a teleconferencing system capable of linking up to six participant locations.

  • A projector and screen are available.
  • Assisted listening headsets are available for the hearing impaired or for use when a court interpreter is present.

Quick Reference Guides

The following documents are intended as reference guides that can be printed for use in the courtroom:

District and Magistrate Judge Courtrooms:

The following images are intended to represent district and magistrate judge courtrooms in the Orlando Division. There are seven district judge courtrooms, three magistrate judge courtrooms, and one Special Proceedings Courtroom. Slight variation in courtroom layout is determined by judicial preference.

District Judge Courtroom:


Magistrate Judge Courtroom: