Courthouse Technology

The Middle District of Florida provides technology in our courtrooms for use by attorneys with judicial approval. Each division within the District has slightly varying capabilities. However, procedures and guidelines for use are consistent throughout the District and listed below. For division specific technical capabilities, please choose the appropriate link for additional information.

  • Courtroom technology is used only with judicial approval. Laptops can only be brought into the courthouse by judicial order.

  • It is imperative that the exact equipment that will be used during a proceeding is tested prior to the trial or hearing. Arrangements should be made with the appropriate courtroom deputy to ensure laptops and evidence are compatible with the Court's evidence presentation systems.

  • Internet wireless is now available throughout the District at judicial discretion. Please see Order In Re: Policy Governing Limited Personal Use of Supplied Wireless Internet Connection for Registered Courtroom Users

  • Remote witness testimony by videoconference is allowed at the discretion of the judge. A request must be submitted well in advance of the desired videoconference proceeding so that arrangements may be made to test the connection.

  • For division specific technical capabilities, please choose from the following:

    Ft. Myers