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In accordance with Rule 9.02 of the Rules of the Middle District of Florida, I am applying for certification as a mediator with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

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  Former State Judge and Bar Member of that state
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Bar Member of any state or DC for 10 years AND current member of USDC-FLM Bar

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The Middle District of Florida has adopted a Mediation Program. This Program consists of a supervised settlement conference presided over by a qualified, certified and neutral mediator to promote conciliation, compromise and the ultimate settlement of a civil action. Pursuant to Local Rule 9.02, the chief judge of the District shall certify those persons who are eligible and qualified to serve as mediators under this rule, in such numbers as the chief judge shall deem appropriate. An individual may be certified to serve as a mediator if:

  1. (1)  He or she is a former state court judge who presided in a court of general jurisdiction and was also a member of the bar in the state in which he presided; or

  2. (2)  He or she is a retired federal judicial officer; or

  3. (3)  He or she has been a member of a state bar or the bar of the District of Columbia for at least ten (10) years and is currently admitted to the Bar of this Court.

In addition, an applicant for certification must have completed a minimum of 40 hours in the Florida Circuit Court Mediation Training Course certified by the Florida Supreme Court and be found competent by the chief judge to perform mediation duties.

If you are interested in becoming a mediator for the Middle District of Florida, and meet the above requirements, please complete the application form on this web page. Questions can be directed to:

Application deadlines established by the Court are the first business days in January and July. Applications will be considered by the Court on the first deadline after submission. Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the disposition of applications, and each successful applicant will receive a copy of the Court order certifying the applicant as a mediator. Names of certified mediators are included on a roster which is available on the Court's Web site ( under Attorney Resources.


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