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The Honorable Anne C. Conway
Chief United States District Judge


Sheryl L. Loesch
Clerk of Court

The Middle District of Florida stretches geographically over 350 miles from the Georgia border on the northeast to south of Naples on Florida’s southwest coast. The Middle District of Florida has five divisional offices located in Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers. The Clerk's Office headquarters is in the Orlando Division. Population growth in the Middle District of Florida has been explosive over the past thirty years. The district includes 35 of Florida’s 67 counties. In 2012, the population of the Middle District of Florida was 57% of the total population of the state of Florida. The district was estimated to have close to 11 million residents in 2012. Only seven states (including Florida) are more populous. The U. S. Census Bureau has projected that Florida’s population will soon surpass New York thereby making Florida the third most populous state behind only California and Texas.Map of the Middle District of Florida

In fiscal year 2013, there were 9,626 cases filed in the Middle District of Florida (8,243 civil cases and 1,383 criminal cases). Although the district has 15 authorized district judgeships, two of those judgeships are vacant, one since June 2013. The district also has 13 senior judges and 16 magistrate judges.



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